Thursday , October 21 2021

They stop a ‘covid-party’ at a disco where Juancho de la Espriella was


After making a complaint publicly on his social networks in which he allegedly suffered theft at a hotel in the city, accordionist Juan Mario de la Espriella asked authorities for more responsibility; However, the artist was known to be the main character of a ‘covid party’ at a nightclub in north Barranquilla, interrupted by the Police and Covid Patrol.

The video shows that the accordion player violated biosecurity protocols by participating in an event that exceeded the permitted capacity and, in addition, violated social isolation regulations.

Due to this breach of sanitary regulations set up to avoid coronavirus infection, the authorities proceeded to inspect the place and during the operation decided to stop the party.

Officials at the commercial establishment also found that many of the attendees were not using the mask properly.

Finally, it was learned that the authorities had repeated the call to citizens to avoid crowds and non-compliance with biosecurity protocols, after remembering that they could be punished.

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