Monday , January 17 2022

They clean their home for Thanksgiving and find a $ 1.8 million lottery ticket winning


A couple of Louisiana, in South America and the United Kingdom, cleared their house to welcome this family Thanksgiving and find an old lottery ticket that was about to end. Looking at the numbers they could not believe it: with all the successful ones, they were winners of 1.8 million dollars.

The lucky ticket for the state lottery was purchased by Harold and Tina Ehrenberg on June 6. They were able to collect their prize when it was only two weeks after the 180-day limit to do so.

The couple reviewed the lottery website and one of their tickets was found to match all the numbers listed in one of the drawings. After taxes have been reduced, the Ehrenbergs take a 1.27 million dollars home, which they intend to save for their retirement.

"We continue to check the numbers repeatedly," said Harold Ehrenberg.

After realizing they won the prize, he began to scare Mr Herenberg to suspect that they had lost the closing date to claim the prize. "I was still waiting for something to go from a place," he said.

The winning numbers for the 6 June draw were 03-07-30-31-35-38. He received the store where they got the unique bonus money of $ 17,948.07, which is 1% of the prize.

"We have no plans to buy something crazy or make any big trip," explained Tina Ehrenberg.

One winner of South Carolina won a $ 1,537 million accrued record prize in the US Mega Millions lottery in October, leaving the previous $ 656 million record set up in March 2012.

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