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They accused Avengers: Endgame of being illuminati propaganda – Tomatazos

Avengers: Endgame – 95% came to the theaters and swept the box office, filled them with joy and excitement and viewers around the world and also broke their hearts and made them cry. but behind everyone that there is a hidden agenda, or at least that's what the conspiracy theorists claim.

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Just like last year, we shared a note about Avengers hidden messages: Infinity War – 79%, now is the turn of its sequence, Infinity Saga collection. Before fully immersed in the subject, it is necessary to clarify that the information presented here does not reflect the author's beliefs, because inherent theories tend to be excessive and if one is spreading in them one starts to see Light and Freemasons symbols everywhere, even in the clouds, but we let the reader criteria what he will read next.

A famous YouTube channel dedicated to entertaining any entertainment product in the lens plot, the same one who analyzed a year ago t Avengers: Infinity War, have done the same with Endgame and found a lot of the hidden messages that the "dark elite" has set to the public.

As already explained in the video about Infinity War, Thanos plans to reduce the population by half the plan that the Illuminati have and they want to make it known through Hollywood films, they want us to accept them. way of pressing as the right one so they can achieve the drop in population and then execute the New World Order.

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In Avengers: EndgameWhen Tony Stark is saved by Captain Marvel of the space and returns to Earth he claims to Captain America that he has offered them a shield that would be defending the planet though "would affect our precious freedom"; the idea that the dark elite is trying to get us with these words is that "our security is worth more than our freedom t […] and in this way the population surrenders its rights in return for supposed security ".

Then in the scene where Scott Lang leaves the Kingdom of Quantum there are a number of Illuminati symbols, the first is a white house whose number is 1064, numbers adding to 11, "sacred number of superiority of the dark elite" ; but that's not all, because its triangular pediment is a reference to the illuminati pyramid, its "biggest symbol" that includes the eye that sees everything, represented in it. Avengers: Endgame by Agamotto Eye.

As the elite is currently doing experiments to make journeys in time and through the multi-sport, in Blaenau Gwent t Avengers: Endgame They have given the Hulk to explain to us how they are working in real life; The Illuminati is perfecting the technology needed with the Large Hadron Counter.

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But as well as these messages, Avengers: Endgame it wants us all to accept that we cannot succeed in life and that we are unsuccessful forever; This is very clear when Thor's mother tells her son "everyone fails in what they are supposed to be, but the grandeur of a person is measured according to how far he is coming to be." who it is ".

Another big revelation of this film is that it shows fame and fortune price for us in Hollywood: must give the soul back, we see when Black Wife sacrifices herself to get the Gem Soul on the planet Vormir.

Such conspiracy theory would not be complete without mentioning the controversial scene of the heroes, where Captain Marvel and the rest of Marvel's women defend Peter Parker. What were you plotting when you made that scene? Nothing more than nothing less than promoting "extreme feminism, one of the dark elite's agendas to separate society." In case this sequence is not clear, we can remember how the three main men (men) were defeated by Thanos without using Gems of Infinity, while there was enough single girl, Scarlet Witch, to beat him and almost to kill him.

Finally, the film could not end without giving the god of the dark elite, Baphomet, and it's done in a subtle way: when an old American Captain puts his shield to Sam Wilson / Falcon, he's caught with the inverse star, which is a clear direction to the inverse pentagram t , the symbol of that pagan god.

If at the end of reading this reader's view Avengers: Endgame has changed significantly and believes everything the channel says Let's remove the matrix, we can only recommend that you research a little more thoroughly into these conspiracy theories, because although they may be attractive and make us believe that we are knowledgeable about the secrets of "the elite", a lot of & # These are a great exaggeration of meaningless real knowledge and fantasies

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