Saturday , May 28 2022

There was a surcharge on 100 Street, in the center of the student's marsys in Bogotá


At the Transmilenio de Heroes, Virrey and Calle 100 stations, police forces started rioting disasters and displays. There was a closure in the Caracas and Norte trunk roads.

Cristian Garavito – The Spectator

Soon before reaching their final destination, a conflict between the Esmad and Protestants. In front of the Héroes and Virrey stations, the first conflicts occurred, while in the North Highway with Calle 94, the anti-riot body begins to dispel the marches.

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Throughout the morning the wars were normal. Students, teachers and teachers of the city's public universities they usually traveled between the main roads, but this afternoon, before the huge participation, there were different fields along the Caracas trunk road.

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Before moving to the marches, Transmilenio announced the closure of Calle 72, Heroes, Calle 85, Virrey, Calle 100, Calle 106, Pepe Sierra, Calle 127, Prado and Alcalá stations. Given the restoration of the unique Transmilenio route by the Ministry of Mobility, only "the Autonorte refers to the north south, between Calle 106 and Calle 100, because of people walking in the unique lane. "

The parade participants would finish their journey on the 106th street with race 15. Some of the protesters race 11, between street 100 and 106.

Students, teachers and jurors of the public universities of the country said this Thursday for the parade to ask the government of Iván Duque to save public education from a financial crisis, totaling 18.2 billion pesos. The protests joined forces with various indigenous unions and Chocó Minga who have been in the capital since last weekend.

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