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There is a big difference between "forgetfulness" and dementia.

  • If there is dementia, patients do not remember things

Alzheimer's affects more women than men. Photo of

( Occasionally we all forget some things, For example, we don't know where we leave the house keys than the glasses. And that's normal, t as long as it's occasional.

Although these forgotten are not necessarily the result of aging, Older adults are the ones who suffer most of the problems of this type. In a few seconds, they forgot where they kept the money, car keys or did not remember the color of the clothes given a few days ago.

But there is another kind of "forgetting" that can be much more than that and we have to pay close attention to it. Dementia is a syndrome memory deterioration, intelligence, behavior and ability to perform everyday life activities.

The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed 14 May earlier –in the world – 50 million people suffer from some form of dementia and each year 10 million new cases are registered.

This cognitive decline changes emotions, behavior and socializing with those who suffer it. The disease Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia, and involves between 60% and 70% of cases t. Other frequent forms are vascular dementia, dementia due to Lewy bodies and a group of diseases that can contribute to pre-natal dementia (frontal brain lapel decline).

Commitment or dementia?

If you live with an older adult and you start to notice the "forgetfulness" that this person is suffering, the first thing you should do is pay close attention to Confirm that that person can resolve the situation, that is, he remembers where things are.

If, on the contrary, you start to notice that person Forget "what are they about" the basic objectives, it's time to take it to the doctor It could be starting to show symptoms of one of the types of dementias.

The symptoms are different depending on the condition of the condition, and here we are: t

Data from the National Council for the Elderly (Conapam) estimates that there are some 30 thousand citizens Costa Ricans suffer from dementia and by 2050 cases would increase to 160 thousand. On average, these problems they are found on 70 years and there are more women in cases.

The National Geriatrics and Gerontology Hospital, Raúl Blanco Cervantes, has a a memory clinic where they treat patients and provide accompaniment to their relatives, trying to make day to day easier.

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