Monday , October 3 2022

There are 79 assaults on Caño Limón oil pipe – Coveñas eleni Colombia


The new assault caused the infrastructure to be interrupted by the fall of oil in the vegetation tier and the La Soberania road.

Immediately the fact was known, Ecopetrol informed the Urban Councils of Toledo's Risk Management and Disasters, Cubará, Saravena, Arauquita to Arauca, departmental departments of North Santander and Arauca, the corresponding environmental authorities and the suspension of companies from the Arauca aqueduct, Puerto Contreras take araw and catch.

Cubará's Risk Management Director, Germán Bermúdez, said Ecopetrol had barriers to preventing oil from traveling to the Arauca River. The authorities treat the assumption that the ELN is the responsible party acting in the area.

With that assault, in 2018 there are 79 attacks already against the hydrocarbon transport system. In North of Santander, 64 attacks were reported, in Arauca, 10 and in Boyacá, 5.

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