Thursday , May 19 2022

The murder of football player Daniel Correa takes a new time and includes narco


New details and other affirmations have given another time the investigation into the player's murder Daniel Correa, who was tortured torture, now includes narco.

A few hours ago, according to information from the Brazilian press, those authorities confirmed that the arrest Eduardo Purkote, 18, was suspected to hit down the door of the room where the player was Cristiana Brittes, the woman of the confession murderer, Edison Brittes.

The authorities also believe that he was the one who facilitated the slaughter with the tool on which the offense was committed.

Narco is connected

However, during the last hours, the case has been shaken by a final disclosure that flows around Edison Brittes, and here the authorities reveal that a motorcycle is found At the family home he has registered in the name of Celso Alexandre Pacheco Quevedo, a drug trader who is in prison and has 12 open trials with justice in that country, so Brittes must also count on & # 39; to a relative with him

What happened on the day of the murder?

It should be remembered that the footballer's body has found powerless, with serious blows and with the genitalians being removed, also with the throat cut, a crime that Brittes was arrested, which was admitted the crime.

According to the killer, he did that because the football tried to rape his wife, Cristiana Brittes. "When I wanted to open the door, it was closed. I quenched my room door and when I opened it, it was on top of my wife and screamed and asked for help," said the accused through video.

The assumptions that were treated were allegedly loved between Correa's wife and Brittes, and attempted to rape the murderer's partner.

In addition to Brittes and three other couples, the wife and daughter of the slaughter have been arrested.

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