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The five keys to return "Narcos", now moving to Mexico – 11/15/2018


Drug trafficking businesses have changes, falls and promotions of drug lords and new traffic substances and pathways. The same thing happens with Narcos, the original Netflix series that was completely refurbished to continue to attract fidelity from all over the world: In its fourth season, opening, completing this Friday, November 16, changes the situation to leave Colombia behind and join Mexican drug trafficking.

Those who did not see the first three installments will not have any problem to join the new chapters, because while the theme, the style of the fiction and the anchor actually persists, The scene is now Mexico, and the story goes back to the 80s. While Luisito Rey began to mumble a little Micky, a mile away, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo unified different traders to build an empire: and poster or Guadalajara.

And Mexican Mexican Luna as I narrate Felix Gallardo

Mexican Mexican Luna as Felix Gallardo narrates "Narcos: Mexico" (Netflix)

That's a starting point Narcos: Mexico (she has 10 appointments), that is who leads Luna as the lord of the drugs and the American Michael Peña as Kiki Camarena, the DEA agent arrives from the US and tries to discover all of these new criminal secrets, which also includes in its different political forces and politicians, and that is & # 39; n start with the trawstag from farijuana and reach the top with a cocaine.

Clarin He had access to the first newspapers of the new season and attended a similar presentation in Mexico City. Diego Luna, Peña, showrunner (and the architect behind the story), Eric Newman, and the part of the cast talking about it the keys to this attractive form.

1) Moving and re-launching

"It was a brilliant and innovative idea," said Newman, who is responsible for all the decisions in the series, for leaving Pablo Escobar, the Cali poster and the conflicts in Colombia to transfer history to Mexico.

"When I investigated, I realized that you can not tell the history of Mexican drug trafficking without telling the story of Felix Gallardo and his associates, they are creating a modern business with the help of a Mexican government, and I also believe, thanks to the disadvantage and possibly incompetence Government of the United States, "he added for the second important decision, which was going back time.

Tenoch Huerta actor plays Rafa Caro Quintero in the series

Tenoch Huerta actor plays Rafa Caro Quintero in the "Narcos: México" series (Netflix).

Filming was held in different natural scenes from Mexico; and that is being seen on the screen, transferring the narcos atmosphere of the old guard in the middle of the desert and the subsequent transfer to the city of Guadalajara. Newman said: "You do not need to see the first seasons to see the current one, you could say they were connected, but without tied up"

2) Diego Luna, the new bad sponsor

"I am the head of headteachers, they respect me at all levels, and in my name and photo, they will never look at papers, because the journalist makes me love, and if my friendship is not lost " sing The North Tigers in and run Headteachers, pseudonym Felix Gallardo, the role of Luna in Narcos: Mexico.

I was born in Sinaloa, he was first a police officer, then bodyguard the Governor and, finally, capo narco. The Mexican actor takes pride in composing this character that is different from other drug business leaders thanks to more business profile.

Diego Luna's challenging look, like Felix Gallardo at

Diego Luna's challenging look, like Felix Gallardo in "Narcos: México" (Netflix).

The interpretation, which has a special spell in its way of speaking, is effective, though – according to the words of the actor – it was designed not to produce an identification. "When you start working a character, you usually think & # 39;I want to love him and have the chance to fall in love. & # 39; But this time, for the first time, I can not think like that. And that was my decision, "he admitted and explained:" But from that to leave alone in one dimension, as it's just bad, there is a big difference. So that a clause he must have what he achieved has a thousand mood. They describe it very much like someone who has adapted, terrorism and love when he wanted to. "

3) Cast of stars

Behind Diego Luna there is an attractive group of characters played by prominent actors. Michael Peña takes advantage of his Mexican roots to compose Kiki Camarena, which incorporates the business for his research. Although a bit of typical humor would not transfer actor saga Ant-Man i character.

"Narcos: Mecsico" (Netflix). Michael Peña (middle) as Kiki Camarena.

"I did not know anything about it, but when I was investigating, I was surprised to see that it had been such an important person, especially in the war against drugs," said Peña.

Two other actors that cover the screen are Joaquín Cosío and Tenoch Huerta. The first is Don Neto Carrillo and Alger, Rafa Caro Quintero, two key axes of the Guadalajara cartel. "Don Neto represents the link between the old world of naus-farmers, with codes and less ambition, with this idea that Gallardo offers", summarizes Cosio, which surpassed with Another interpretation of narco in the movie The hell (2010), by Mexican Luis Estrada.

Joaquín Cosio is

Joaquín Cosío is "Narcos: México" (Netflix) designating drug supplier Don Neto Carrillo.

On his behalf, Caro Quintero is the youngest youngest, the stimulating, the film Scarfece and who fights for banned love. "All of these aspects make it attractive, adding to its knowledge, because it has grown untouched marijuana," said Tenoch, who is also worth seeing in the movie. Güeros (2014).

4) American America in Export

As mentioned by Diego Luna several times, it is not a "Mexican-Mexicans" series. The two companies that carry out the production are the French Gaumont and the Netflix USA; but the stage, the cast – the presence of Argentina Ernesto Alterio (son of Héctor), the executive producer (the Brazilian José Padilha), many of the authors and directors they are American Ladies.

Among them, Andres Baiz, film director, stands out Roa a Satan; and Mexico Alonso Ruizpalacios, director of the name Güeros a Museum (2018), which is responsible for the key fiction chapters.

Ernesto Alterio and Diego Luna in a scene of

Ernesto Alterio and Diego Luna in a scene of "Narcos: México" (Netflix).

"This mix brings a variety of perspectives and opinions," said Luna, who then explained the global nature Narcos, One of the most popular streaming service productions, which leads the scale, in some way (Netflix does not provide public figures) in Asia and Europe. "It's a project that aims to be seen around the world." In fact, the composers go through Spain and now India is promoting the launch.

"I am interested in that audience who will see it in Germany, England or Japan, next time a line of cocaine will be given think a little behind that line, what did it take to your nose", the actor is being cheated.

5) Future

The continuation of the series will depend on the success of this new start, but the truth is that everything is given so that there is more season. The new chapters cover from 1980 to 1985, the time of the reign of Felix Gallardo.

A potentially good image for a drug dealers bank waiting for more prominence in it

A potentially good image for a drug dealers bank waiting for more prominence in "Narcos: Mexico" (Netflix).

However, in smaller roles in the organization, Amado Carrillo Fuentes appears, again interpreted by José María Yazpik (the only actor who repeats the previous seasons) to Joaquín Guzmán Loera. Lord of the Shoes a The Chapo they can be the composers of the future well. "From 1985 onwards, many have happened in Mexico," said Paul Newman, hoping to continue Narcos.

They have already passed through Colombia and Mexico now, why not Narcos: United States. Y showrunner responding: "Every season of Narcos They are in the United States. Because we're buying everything. Although we take much less responsibility than we should. But here (to Mexico) half a million people have died of drug problems since 1980. There are more than those killed in the Civil War. There are striking numbers, so there are lots of stories to say. "

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