Saturday , October 1 2022

The curious reason why the rockers can not burp in space


ISS's commander, Chris Hadfield, revealed that belching would be a bad idea of ​​astronauts since the stomach washave differently in space.

Before the astronauts go to space, they must go through very rigid training so that their bodies can resist the change to a completely different environment to Earth. It's something that takes years to have a trip to a few weeks.

Truly, no one is a secret that the human organism starts to work differently in the height. Ancient astronauts have said they can have a temporary fate, losing some muscle blad and feel abrupt when changing gravity conditions.

So, it's natural that there are reservations about ordinary biological actions that we carry on Earth. An impressive syntax is now the question that burst astronaut can.

One day of Twitter user Greg Switzer Chris Hadfield, a Canadian veterans was asked to confirm whether this was possible or not. Stunningly, Hadfield replied that it was not possible, at least as it happens on our planet.

The curious reason why the rockers can not burp in space

The explanation

Here's what the astronaut said:

You can not burp because the air, food and fluid in your stomach move like bubbles. If you're angry, you'll fight in your own mouth. Guess, where the air is caught. "

So you can not burp without disasters just over gas. Basically, the results would be undesirable and very problematic about their cleanliness to disperse in places such as the International Space Station.

Indeed, a few years ago NASA released a video that explains something similar. It's a tablet inside the water water. If you tried to definitely burst, you would have a result like the video.

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