Wednesday , June 29 2022

Supported by Autouri, Nacional travels to Brazil


For now Atlético Nacional begins to calm the turbine waters when its technical staff, like Brazilian coach Paulo Autuori continue to order the green box.

On Sunday, after the defeat that suffered this set at Girardot's Attachment stadium against Cali 1-3, the strategist at a conference told the press that left the door open to another man to reach the bench.

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However, the national directives fully supported the one born in Rio de Janeiro 62 years ago.

"Atlético Nacional reports that Paulo Autuori continues to lead the professional team. The Brazilian technical director will be traveling with the team to play the first phase of the second phase of the Sudamericana Conmebol against Fluminense. Professor Autuori and Verdolagas directives, agreed to provide a follow-up to the project that started in November 2018, "the club said in a statement on Monday.

On this Tuesday a first group traveled in the morning to Rio and the rest will do so in the afternoon.

The team won Colombia, which was scrapped from the Libertadores Copa, the right to be in South America, where they first appeared against Fluminense on Thursday at 7:30 pm.

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