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Students and police attacked in Bogota on a new day of protests NTN24


Students who blocked Transmilenio's transformation buses collided with the police in north Bogota on Thursday in a new day of demonstrations to call more investment at the public university and protest against the tax reform, the agency said. EFE.

The young people, which focused on 100 Street with North Highway, one of the busiest areas of the Colombian capital, launched the refusal of what is called the "rest of the state".

In videos distributed in social networks, some of the students, with their covered faces, have been shown to have painted Transmilenio stations with indecent messages and disturbing the national Government.

Others were placed in the unique bus route, preventing the movement of vehicles and throwing stones in the police.

In response, units from the Police Anti-Riot Mobile (Esmad) Squad were sent to places with the highest concentration of exhibitors and conflicts with them.

Students, who want for two weeks' projects, ask the Government for more budget for public universities, because according to specialist figures, higher education in the country has a 3.2 billion pesos deficit ( around 1,000 million dollars) for its implementation.

In addition, they need 15 billion pesos (around 4,700 million dollars) to improve their infrastructure.

"The police have fired a tear gas to try to spread the boys and push devices," a bank worker who left at 6:00 pm locally (23:00 GMT) post and did not find transport to homes with reporters. who chose to walk almost 60 streets that was separated from her home.

Another citizen took advantage of the media presence to ask young people not to harm others with their protests.

"Do not block Transmilenio because this is the way to transport us and that depends on many people who are going to work or study, or can return home. & # 39; n good to protest but not mess with that kind of thing, "he said.

The Citytv channel said that the hooded men threatened the correspondent that covered the protests and assaulted the painter with paint to stop recording the moment when they had the doors of the stations Transmilenio is damaged.

For protests and this Thursday, the Unitary Workers Union (CUT), the Common Labor Confederation (CGT) and the Colombian Workers' Confederation (CTC), among others, who are against the tax reform, from & The name "Financing Law", filed last October 31 before the Congress.

Members of these unions require the Government to withdraw the venture to remove VAT with 19% of the majority of products in the basic basket.

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