Monday , October 26 2020

Senator Barranquillero Mauricio Gómez in his office

The liberal senator had suffered a drop in sugar and was transferred to Marly Clinic.

Senator Barranquillero Mauricio Gómez Amin, of the Liberal Party, collapsed on Wednesday at his Capitol office, because of low sugar it is like.

Records before the plenary session of the upper chamber began, the situation was introduced and Gómez Amín was transferred to Marly Clinic, located in the town of Chapinero, near the capital center.

"Senator Mauricio Gomez had a health accident this afternoon at his Capitol office, he suffered weakly, probably due to sugar fall, and Congress medical staff were asked for a comment, which he attended in a timely manner. in Bogotá, when we have an official medical report, we will inform you, "said the legislator's office. t

The Barranquillero is the second senator to suffer health problems this week at Congress, after senator Uribista José Obdulio Gaviria lost consciousness last Tuesday when he entered the Senate's First Committee, according to all t similar to a metabolic problem.

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