Sunday , August 14 2022

Scientists found that a black hole barely launched "bullets"


Astronomers discovered that the strange black hole triggered "Bullets" plasma and we wobble in an unusual way.

The universe gives a glimpse of some of his secrets and, one of them is the t black hole who discovered a team of researchers. It is located nearly eight thousand light years of Earth. As you might see, this body is breathtaking and throws what we see as strange "bullets" of plasma.

The astronomers decided to call this celestial body with the name "Cockle V404". And, they explained that it was common for black holes to suck the gas from the nearest star and worry out the issue. However, there is a wonder black hole "V404" is that it has thrown fast plasma clouds in a way never seen from the front.

black hole

The experts compared this phenomenon with a spinning head, as they noticed it was fast spinning within a few hours. In addition, the intense radiation that caused the inner part of the disc caused an "accumulation" in a structure that had a donut shape.

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According to the scientists, which was part of the study conducted by the International Radio Astronomy Research Center (ICRAR) and published in Nature magazine, the jet rotation of the t black hole it appeared as a result of a malformation between an accumulation disc created by the issue of the star and the black hole.

black hole

This particular hole was discovered from the name "Cygni" in 1989, when it launched a massive explosion of jets and radiation. But, in April this year, a first image black hole Massive, which is located in the center of galaxy M87, is about 50 million light years of Earth, which is 40 billion kilometers wide, three million times more than the size of the Earth, and scientists have t describe as a "monster".


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