Tuesday , May 24 2022

Sara Uribe copied herself from Paola Jara’s Christmas decoration


Sara Uribe showed that Christmas has arrived at his house and hired a company that looked after the decor.

She shared the model with her followers how was the house from the entrance to the living room.

Some people realized that Sara Uribe hired the same company in charge of the Christmas decoration of Paola Jara’s house.

“Today at our house is a very special day. They help us decorate our home to have a wonderful time like Christmas, ”said Sara Uribe in the recording.

Jacobo’s mother showed it Its tree is white, snowmobile, and would be more than 2 meters high.

Presenter’s Christmas tree also, according to the company’s website, It would cost 1’190,000 Colombian pesos without ornament.


The funny thing about that company The celebrities employed are that Paola Jara’s house and Sara Uribe’s house have the same decoration at the entrance and even the same Christmas tree.

Comparing the images published by the two, one can see that the same colors were used in the entrance and the same decoration of the Christmas tree.

Apparently, Sara Uribe liked Paola Jara’s ornament as much he wanted to put it in his house.

This is Sara Uribe and Paola Jara’s Christmas decoration

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