Tuesday , January 25 2022

Resident received a response from students at public universities


Student representatives of 32 public universities in the country He responded to a video for a Resident, Calle 13 singer, who invited them to concerts next week.

To paraphrase one of the most popular themes (Dare you & # 39;), a group of young leaders responded to sing Residents, for the protests that have been presenting them for several weeks, asking for more resources for higher education.

"Dare, go out to the streets. Go up, join this piece, give the best to fool yourself that nobody is going to fund you, pick up a student. Long-lived public education in Colombia", You see the students sing in the video.

Y Young people hope that a Resident will also respond to them through social networks, the way they contacted them so that they take part in the concerts that the singer will put in Bogotá a Cali.

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However, so far the Puerto Rico producer has not responded, but he asked Colombian manager Fernán Martinez who questioned him because he is from Puerto Rico talking about Colombia's issues.

The resident replied: "Do not you understand the message? Students' rights are general rights and should not be political. I do not want anyone to get involved with regional politics on my stage. I hope @CarlosVives and other Colombian artists will help us in Puerto Rico with education ".

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Recall that publisher Restero publishes a video released through his Twitter account: "Colombia, Pope, everything was screwed. I will cut it into my concerts in Bogotá and Cali November 23 and 24 But the most important thing is that, on that day, the stage of students who play smart and want to show peacefully. "

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