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PUBG Mobile is so addictive that its creators have had to develop an instrument to disengage

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PUBG Mobile was one of the most successful video games over the past year – in computers, desktop consoles and mobile devices – at least until the arrival of Fortnite. This does not imply that PUBG Mobile remains one of the applications with the highest number of users, to the point that we are starting to fear about the health of its players. The reliance on this type of application on the part of the youngest is so worrying about society the developers themselves have had to act on the issue and publish an instrument that helps us "disconnect" or try at least … t

So, in response to the complaints given by users that play too much for PUBG Mobile and by the parents themselves that they see their children doing nothing more than being addicted every day. to the mobile phone, the creators themselves and Tencent Games They have introduced a new management system that will enable users to know how much game time they have connected in the video show, and of course warn them to go out a little to the street to breathe fresh air.

The reliance on PUBG Mobile is worrying its own creators

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As explained in Dot Esports, this tool will require players to confirm their age the first time they log in to the game. Also and once we play, t the application itself will show messages that come to the obvious to remind players to rest or give the best to play t, all depends on the time they've got with the session started. This system is already in operation in countries such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia or Egypt and will soon reach the whole world.

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But as well as this new role, the Battle of Royale developers are also popular they want to launch initiatives to educate and raise awareness amongst players of the importance of not being part of PUBG through the day, especially if you don't want the same thing to happen in China, that the title has been taken from all the Chinese application stores and replaced with a very patriotic-pathetic similar game t .

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