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Prize for poet Darío Jaramillo in Spain


And Colombian Darío Jaramillo, born in Santa Rosa de Osos, Antioquia, This Wednesday received the Granada City International Poetry Award Federico García Lorca in issue number 15.

Mayor of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, in public the concession of the prize, by the majority of the jury, who emphasized that Jaramillo relevant poet "of love, feeling and secrecy", as well as a formal refurbishment of these subjects in constant evolution.

For this edition of the prize, which gives the winner of $ 22,500 (about 67 million pesos), 43 authors from 17 countries offered by 74 organizations participated.

Mercedes Cebrián, the representative of the Resident Student and who spoke on behalf of the jury, also underlines the "permanent evolution" of the poet and colophonic writer who was awarded "aesthetic whitmanian" up to essential deprivation that contains intense religious sense ".

According to the jury records, Jaramillo also welcomed his work in a sense of humor and an attitude to the popular Latin American song.

The mayor of Granada, who spoke over the phone with the poet explained after the jury's discussion and decision, had received the award "with emotion and much thanksgiving".

According to Cuenca, the prize joins the city of Granada's literature with the name of García Lorca, which is anticipated to readers and the rest of the world.

The poet, novelist and essay, Darío Jaramillo, were born on July 28, 1947, who studied a secondary school in Medellín and graduated as a lawyer and economist at the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá.

For years he had important cultural positions in state agencies and was a member of the editorial boards of the magazine Golpe de Dados and the Simon and Lola Foundation.

Three complete re-lettings of poetry were made: 77 poems, The 127 poems a Poems Books; as well as five partial extracts: Antholeg Poetig, The How much silence is this moon?, The Reasons for absence, The Although it's at night a Oh love, of forgetting.

He was the winner of the Eduardo Cote Lamus National Poetry Award (1978), the final for the Plaza and Janés Colombian novel (1983) and the José Manuel Lara Foundation Award for a novel published in Spain (2007), as well as the Nobel Prize winner Short José María de Pereda (2010).

The jury of this fifteenth edition of the prize included representatives from the Federico García Lorca Foundation, and Student Residency, University Granada, the Society of Hispanists, Royal Spanish Academy, America House, Granada Academy of Literature, Cervantes Foundation and media Spanish such as El País, El Mundo and ABC.

The award is intended to reward all the poetic work of a living author who, for his literary value, is a relevant contribution to the cultural heritage of Spanish literature.

In previous editions this award was awarded to me Pere Gimferrer (2017); Ida Vitale (2016); Rafael Chains (2015); Rafael Guillén (2014); Eduardo Lizalde (2013), Pablo García Baena (2012); Fina García Marruz (2011); María Victoria Atencia (2010); José Manuel Caballero Bonald (2009); Tomás Segovia (2008); Francisco Brines (2007); Blanca Varela (2006); José Emilio Pacheco (2005) a Ángel González (2004).

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