Thursday , June 30 2022

PHOTO: ISA astronomers hold the Earth having wrapped in a mysterious orange light


International Space Station stalls took an incredible photo on October 7, taken from a height around 400 kilometers over Australia, which shows our planet in orange color.

NASA scientists explained that the orange wheel that surrounds the Earth is known hot air. The phenomenon is caused by chemical reactions in the planet's atmosphere, especially when some molecules (mainly nitrogen and oxygen) energy from ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, according to the space agency's website. To release that energy, the atoms present in the lower atmosphere conflict with each other and lose the energy in the collision, and the result is glow colorful

Beyond her magnificent and colorful representation, the phenomenon could also provide scientists with other information about the operation of the upper atmosphere. For example, it could throw lucs on the way particles move close to the interface between the Earth and space, and even on how earthly weather and space connect, says NASA.

Researchers have already used satellites like NASA's Connection Connection Ionospheric (ICON) to study that dynamic domain.

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