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Miss Bogotá's strong criticism for his answer


In the Convention Center Julio César Turbay Ayala, At the Cartagena Historical Center, a National Beauty Competition was held on Monday, November 12, where it was Miss Valle, Gabriela Tafur, chose the new queen of Colombians.

Miss Bogota, Zara Triana Skaugvoll He was one of the favorites during the reign, however, this Monday did not go very well.

Zara was chosen among the Five finals to become a new Miss Colombia, so he had to submit to questions and juries. But, the nerves beat him, and his answer today is a focal point of discomfort.

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Carlos Calero, the presenter of the competition, asked Miss Bogota to send his question out of a ballot just like his other colleagues: "If you needed to promote the image of Colombia to the world, how would you do it? " Calero asked. .

"We will tell everyone The countries of the world Colombia is in peace, we have joy, we have a culture, folklore, a variety countries, gastronomy and being a country that's full of happy, happy people with a great heart and a beautiful soul, "said Zara with a" foreign accent "and many criticized.

The response of the 19-year-old child was rather confusing as well as his mistake, He did not combine the adjectives well, which provoked criticism because, for many, it was not a Colombian.

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Zara Triana was born in Frankfurt, Germany on July 26, 1999, and graduated from bachelor's degree at Andos Bogotá School and is fluent in English, German and Danish.

"Miss Bogota in Colombian?", "I do not really understand what Bogota is doing between the final, even though he has an accent abroad", "Someone can explain to me why Miss Bogota is in German, could he take part in the reign and get so far? ", the users wrote on Twitter.

Also, as expected, to say that "Colombia has many countries" much less they have forgiven him in social networks.

"A question for Señorita Bogotá, that is to go to Photota, they're asking me for a visa or a passport?", "The second princess is: Miss Bogotá! – Miss Bogotá: Can I miss? Being impossible ", they fed in social networks.

The jury decided to crown Miss Bogota as a second princess.

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