Thursday , June 30 2022

Millos was on my side in the toughest time in my life: Russo


Miguel Ángel Russo It will not continue in Millionaires and at a press conference, talk to the media saying great fun to the fans o & # 39; ambassador & # 39; set. Within his sentences, he explained that he was in the photo albemy, he learned a lot of things and pointed out the accompaniment he gave him He lived seconds complicated by his cancer.

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"I thank the managers because they trust me. It's hard to leave, but you make the decisions that you think conveniently. We understand that the best way for me to leave. More than talk about my departure, we talked about what Miliwnaires should continue to look for. This is a beautiful, beautiful time; In the toughest time in my life, there were Millonaries at my side and that is invaluable. Life goes on, the ball is round, thanks to God, "said Russo, excited showing fun to leave the club in blue.

"I've been through many situations, but this is special", he drew attention to the Argentine coach referring to his time in the Colombian championship, especially Millonaries.

In addition, the strategist added that he was expecting the club aliazul & # 39; continue to grow nationally and internationally, improving its infrastructure and lower divisions.

"Colombia has been an enjoyable experience for me in every way. Each one will find his own way and I would like Millonaries to be in the foreground at all times, hopefully tomorrow everything will be fruitful. We need to improve the structure, the divisions and we must insist on the same, in the smaller divisions, "he said.

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On his decision to leave, he demanded the helmetman and gaucho; It is an agreement between the leaders and he is the best way. "One at the end always takes stock when a game ends and things happen in a way … ", it came to an end.

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