Monday , January 17 2022

Manager of Bogota Manager confirms financial sanction to Gustavo Petro Bogotá


At the time it was defended Peter The manager challenged him procurator but this deed was rejected by public ministry, who restored the competence of the case i Granados Verifier which confirms the sanctions for a financial opinion against a former mayor Bogotá now senator.

Both confirmed fines, due to the disorder of the rubbish, would add more than 140,000 million pesos and would restrict future political aspirations Peter Well, the Constitutional CourtHe has decided that it is not possible to take a post at a popular electoral office if there is a penalty remain financially.

Another of the fines corresponds to a case shares o TGI and that's being studied by the State Council he will make a decision in the coming weeks.

By your account in twitter the senator Gustavo responded by ignoring the accountant Juan Carlos Granados, has been processed by bribes Odebrecht.

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