Friday , December 4 2020

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Invest in Bogota is a public-private investment promotion agency in Bogota. In addition, it was rated by the World Bank as the non-institutional investment promotion agency for economic cooperation and development (OECD) in the world.

This agency, along with the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, held the second virtual employment round, last Wednesday, Oct. 28, to face the crisis that the pandemic has caused for employment in the city and in the country.

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If this happens, the participating companies showed available and future vacancies on their payroll.

In addition, the round had work, in which more than 9,300 people participated and 4,000 jobs were offered, according to the official Investing in Bogota page, International companies like Arcos Dorados, Scotiabank Technology, Globant, assessoftware, Schlumberger, Prodigious, IBM and Mercado Libre.

Free market

Mercado Libre describes itself on its official website as the largest online buying and selling community in Latin America.

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Most required jobs

According to the web portal, the availability of jobs tends towards jobs in the technology industry, specifically in Information Technology (IT).

foreign investment

Investors remain interested in sectors such as software and IT, given the disruption to the digital and technology industries.

Jobs like a leading software engineer (for example end, flush and test), especialista ‘Open Source’ (Open source), web UI developer (user interface), Java and Python programming languages, Except for Drupal operating system, much needed by the organizations that participated in the event.

There are also jobs available for personnel working in the fields of Aberystwyth professional services (engineering, consulting, legal, health, audit and other services), customer service in Spanish and English Y. sales specialists.


Customer service is one of the most sought after areas of employment for foreign companies.

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To access the available jobs, you must enter the official agency page, where You will find all the applicant companies and hyperlinks to apply to the calls.

(If you want to see the announcement you can enter here).

It will also have the necessary information about each of the vacancies. For example, the requirements you must meet to be part of the summons and the pay ranges of the jobs you want to take part in.

In turn, you’ll find a list of talks and a guide on “how to apply for a job successfully”. In this one, explains Investing in Bogota how to make a resume attractive to the employer, the keys to a successful job interview in English and how to properly apply for a vacancy.

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We invested in Bogota’s first virtual roundtable on September 30. The third version will take place in November.

The date of this ‘third round’ of employment has not yet been identified. Of course: it will have like explainers to companies in the life sciences sectors (biology, biological technology, medicine, psychology and more), creative industries e infrastructure, along with other possibilities.

The agency often offers virtual talks on foreign investment, entrepreneurship and the general outlook of the economy in the capital.


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