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invoker will arrive in the battlefield


In mid September, Square Enix Kam was released as the fourth person to download in the term term Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. With an antagonist Final Fantasy XII available from the end, the Japanese company can reveal the next warrior who will join the fighting game. This is not more than less than that Yuna, co-star of Final Fantasy X a Final Fantasy X-2.

As you can see, the Spira summoner will have a wide variety of magic attacks that will make it very flexible Tiradora. As if that were not enough, you can also attack Valefor. This article will act independently on Yuna orders and, depending on the state of its invoker, it will focus on protecting or attacking it.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT - Yuna

It should be noted that Yuna will be slightly different in terms of the version that appeared in it Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy. You can not attack other animals that appear in them Final Fantasy X. This is because, as we mentioned in our review, the invocations are a general mechanic of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Yuna will be available sometime in December for all term season holders Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. However, the invoker will not be the only downloadable content that will reach the end of the year.

A second vehicle shows Team Ninja has also been working on a new scenario: Final Battlefield. Unlike previous maps, this is not based on a franchise location. Instead, it was created by Materia and Spiritus with the specific purpose of having their warriors fighting battles.

Just as it happened with Kam's lanaut, the coming to Yuna was awarded The list of characters was filtered in mid-July. As this has been the case so far, there is a great possibility that the last character is Live (TheFinal Fantasy IX) or Snow (TheFinal Fantasy XIII).

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Now available for PlayStation 4.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will have a free version

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