Thursday , May 26 2022

Insure? The Equity for three reasons that could complicate the Junior in Barranquilla


The game that will be played in the Metropolitan or Barranquilla Here are the first keys of the room between Athletics and Junior Justice. The meeting will be at 8:00 p.m. and is broadcast by RCN.

The last part of League Eagle 2018-II and the eight distribution teams will fight for a place in the semifinals in a rather inappropriate tournament, because in this issue there is a lack of traditional teams and rarely found outside the party that there will be a star in ball awards -droed national.

Another feature of these players is the equality of the keys, at the moment none of the eight appears as a potential winner and very few dare to predict a champion, the above, with the support of the results during the tournament, where teams of the name were small & # 39; gives a blast of authority, leaving those mentioned already absent.

In addition, Junior reaches the pressure of running two tournaments at the same time, as it is worth remembering that the South America Cup has to respond to its supporters and this is a benefit to the team capital, but it's still very strange: Which one of two tournaments will be a priority for Shark & ​​# 39; Only when the training is known in both competitions we know this, in the meantime, you have to have an Insurer & # 39; worry about continuing to show the arguments that keep it as always in the first 3 places in the table.

Equity, one of these League detection teams will try to enter the first time the right, the one that sets the barranquillero box on the ropes and represents its first step when performing & # 39; r title.


Ranger Diego Novoa, central defender, Jhon Garcia and captain Stalin Motta return for the first leg against Thursday, after they have paid a penalty date for collecting yellow cards.

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