Sunday , January 23 2022

Instagram cleanses and starts pulling favorite & # 39; and false comments


As part of the efforts to make the social network more authentic, Instagram started to dispose of "likes", comments and mock followers.

The company reported in its official blog since November 19 that it used new tools to detect and eliminate the activity of accounts that use third party applications to increase popularity short.

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By statement, Instagram said that "like" and false comments were detected by the new machine learning equipment, registering unusual behavior compared to real accounts.

In this regard, he explained that users can subscribe to services to increase fake popularity by providing their username and password in return for more "favorite" and followers.

However, Instagram also acknowledged that consumers could unintentionally share their login information with a third party.

These services use bots to leave comments on real accounts of Instagram for a fee.

In her blog, the company noted that those accounts that use the popularity increase services will receive a message that they will be told about the "like", the followers and the removal comments o & u publications.

It will then ask users to change their password and delete access to third party services.

Instagram official blog

If you do not do that, these accounts will suffer "affecting your Instagram experience."

The company is up to date to implement new measures to increase the accuracy of its activity and inclusion, following a recent criticism of the existence of false news and spirit users on social media platforms.

Throughout 2018, Twitter has eliminated millions of accounts that have been blocked in front of it because of suspicious activity.

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