Thursday , May 19 2022

In the midst of the people who defeat, they turn out Plaza de Mercado de Bello, Antioquia


The notice of eviction from the Market Square from Bello, to the north of the Aburrá Valley, It is done during disturbance between the traders and the Police.

The structure has collapse of failures and failures in electrical wires, which is why the 132 locations must be completely removed.

Government Secretary Adriana Salas Moreno confirmed that Market Square vulnerability conditions are high and for that reason it must be demolished. He explained that a calculation of the employees had been done to verify who has the right to financial compensation.

He explained that the most important thing is to protect life and considering the roof could collapse at any time, the eviction must be completed ". Anyway, this work has been complicated by the disturbance that has succeeded in changing public order.

In the area, some traders said that, although they knew that the Mayor's Office was conducting such studies, they were not informed that this Tuesday would be removed and unless Market Square would be demolished. They make sure they have lived over 40 years of their businesses, from the sale of fruit and vegetables, which they will have to throw them today. Also, They insisted that they were unable to collect their property.

According to Mayor Bello, the process He was not informed but sent seconds before the procedure, as the immediate steps, as set out in the standard.

The eviction work will continue this Tuesday, because On Wednesday, Market Square will not be able to provide its services to the public. Meanwhile, traders insist on it The specific interests of the urban administration when allocating property for housing construction.

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