Thursday , June 30 2022

In Colombia, there are 149 measles cases confirmed


This was confirmed by the National Health Organization on its website. The most disturbing case is Cartagena where 64 patients have presented. All, probably, are imported from Venezuela.

The vaccine is the only method to prevent the spread of measles. Pixnio

2014 was a good year for public health indexes in Colombia. The country received a very valuable certificate: it was declared free from complex disease, and the world had been tough for several years: measles. The last case had taken place in 2011 and, since then, thanks to vaccines, no cases had yet to come up. Since that time to the beginning of this year, only three patients have registered with viral infection, but were imported to patients. (Reading Obesity in children, another problem related to corruption)

Today, however, the situation has changed. According to the National Health Organization (INS), until October 30 this year, in Column there were 149 cases confirmed. Although it seems that it is also about patients imported from Venezuela, the matter is a detrimental effect on the authorities. (Read With ponqué "celebrate" 3 years of the battle to reduce drug prices for hepatitis C)

Health Minister Juan Pablo Uribe, had already told this newspaper a few months ago, in addressing public health challenges: "There is a very important issue in relation to Venezuelan migration. We receive hundreds of thousands of families who & Reach our territory, many of which have no appropriate vaccination attention. We have already seen cases of really-controlled disease, such as measles, very local cases that are ours forced to intervene incredibly and to tighten epidemiological surveillance ". (Read "In medicines, there have been no corresponding pressure Colombia has suffered")

Its prediction is apparently confirmed by INS figures. Cartagena is the city with most cases (64), followed by Cúcuta (26). The situation in Barranquilla, where 12 patients with measles, and from San Onofre, in Sucre, where 7 have been identified are also anxious. In Bogotá there are 4, like in Arjona and Turbaco in Bolívar.

According to the INS a total of 4,863 cases were reported, but those 4,327 were dismissed.

In order to prevent that virus, which is highly transferable, spread further, Minsalud has developed a number of initiatives. A last resort was a great free vaccination day held in mid-October. The vaccine is the only way to prevent this disease that can be spread through respiratory secrecy, breathing small loops that have been abolished by someone speaking, coughing or seine.

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