Thursday , May 26 2022

I will raise EPM for Hydroituango from month to month: Pérez


During the launch of the book on alleged constructive errors of Hydroituango, the governor Luis Pérez He said that the bill on which EPM charges for delays and megaproject will reach $ 4 billion, if the project takes four years to generate energy.

In the book, 313 pages and Perez's own authorization does not appear in the National University study where the governor was based on his 8 comments on the mega project. "That 600-page report will be presented next week," said the president.

On October 1, Pérez highlighted an alleged wallau in Hidroituango, such as defects in the construction of two diversion tunnels, the construction of the supplementary deviation gallery, an error at the line of the third departure tunnel, an error in the closure of the first two tunnels, an error in revealing & The first two tunnels and the negative impact of the explosives on the stability of the mountain.

At the same time, on October 17, the Board of Directors of the Hydraulic Company of Ituango S.A. file with EPM a claim to enforce the fines for cutting constructive milestones in the project. The first, equivalent to October, was $ 16,000 million.

The claim to EPM (partner and workmaker) is given, according to the Government, by 4 tens of milestones included in the schedule of work that did not meet it in time, such as completion & The dam, complete the regular reservoir and start the generation.

For every day of milestone delays, 150 monthly monthly wages ($ 117 million) must be paid, Pérez explained.

The president stated that he will file the corresponding invoice every month, and intends to obtain the guarantee granted by EPM in the Boom contract (finance, construction, operation and maintenance).

Perez said that the penalty restriction restriction, contained in the Boomt agreement, provided for a maximum fine for a breach of 450 million dollars ($ 1.43 billion). That was added to losing profits for those who do not produce energy, the president was brought to the president.

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