Wednesday , December 2 2020

Hybrid quarter hour and electricity

The city has undoubtedly taken the lead in stimulating all forms of sustainable mobility. The boom for these alternatives began with environmental warnings due to poor air quality, although some time has already been excluded from the plate and plate for electric and hybrid vehicles.

"Medellín is the only big city without a peak and plate for cars with clean fuels. For this reason, there are brands that sell 70% of their hybrid cars only in the city, which sometimes it makes it hard to make them available to sell and sometimes you have to wait up to three months at best.Pereira, Ibague and Manizales don't have a top and plate t for these cars, but very small markets. Medellín is the big square for these cars, "he said. Felipe Vallejo, Director of content VEC Magazine, an online publication specializing in electric mobility.

But not only do hybrids live their fifteen minutes in the Eternal Spring, 100% electricity models have found an interesting niche for those who want to go straight to this alternative and forget for refueling, oil change, timing belt, water pump and all maintenance items suggesting a car with an internal combustion engine.

"Medellín was the first city in the country to encourage this issue through its civic government. When offering, with Epm, public charging stations (today there are 19 in the whole of the Aburrá Valley.) In addition, there is an interesting phenomenon. T is being introduced and that people with hybrids are already moving to 100% electricity because they realize their benefits in a city like Medellín, where the cost of energy is very favorable and when it is tested the difference in cost between energy and gasoline, they eventually convince themselves, "brings Vallejo to an end.

Finally, the issue of bank loans is another leverage factor in these sales. Many financial institutions offer flexible business-level credits to organizations that want distribution fleets with electric mobility, encouraging them to switch to this technology.

The first taxi with a 100% electric driver is already rolling through the streets. It's one of the 1,500 scheduled to be sold in the next two years. A WORLD E5, made in China. Our sedan with 215 horse horses and 310 Nm of torque. The manufacturer says that its 60 KWh battery can have a range of up to 400 kilometers, roughly equivalent to two days work for a vehicle of this type.

"This is the future. We need sustainable cities that are committed to the environment and also the cost of fuel is one of the inputs that make the operation of this type of vehicle more expensive." long-term, with one electricity, you can save about 38 million pesos only in gasoline, "he said. Juan David Lopera, Tax Manager Belén, the operating company.

Five brands will be responsible for initially supplying these taxis: BYD, Kia, Renault, Hyundai and Nissan.

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