Friday , October 30 2020

Huawei also cannot sell compatible phones with microSD cards

Photo: Carlos Zahumenszky (Gizmodo in Spanish)

The shots to Huawei have not stopped since the US Department of Commerce included the international company in its black list. Now the Sustainable Development Association has decided to ban the Chinese company from its list of members, as you can check on its website.

Unless it is soon reversed, this decision suggests that Huawei will not be able to develop or market accessories that are compatible or based on DC, like smartphones with a microSD port. or laptops with SD memory slot.

What is not clear is whether the decision affects the new NM Card (or "Memory Nano Card") developed by Huawei for its latest smartphones, the Mate 20 Pro and # 39 The P30 Pro. Although it is a development of Huawei, its electronics could be based on DC technology.

We have contacted Huawei and the Sustainable Development Association for a statement. We will update the news with any news.

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