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Google already allows comments to be included in the search results Marketing 4 E-commerce


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Google searches are the most user-friendly option Find any kind of information on the internet, but social networks have come to a full change in the way in which we use this information. In this way, Google has just published a relevant change: from now on It will allow comments to be included in the search results.

Although Google+ has been banned forever, there's still a huge search on the internet New ways of integrating the social part into their products. In fact Google already allows you to comment on the places you have visited in Google Maps, and comments on search results will be a similar feature.

This feature is already available to some users in version 8.55 of Google search app on Android and in the web-based version and for the moment is limited to share opinions about sporting results.

Google will moderate all the comments that are shared in searches

The internet giant knows very well that the harassment and damage of trolls are some of the most serious problems in social networks, so It will not allow anonymous comments: everyone who reads your attention can also know your public profile of your Google account.

The Mountain View company ensures that the comments are made will be filtered according to their date of publication and those that include spam or malicious content are reported, so the internet browser requires consumers to consult with their policies about Comments in the search results before commenting.

You can also evaluate comments made by other users with "I like it" or "I do not like it", look for comments from other users as well as edit and delete comments you made and you do not want to show any more.

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How to comment on Google search results

  1. Access to Google search page.
  2. Make a search
  3. In the overview box, click on the three point menu.
  4. Click on the "Comments" option
  5. Select the option "Add public attention"

And ready! You can add your comment.

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Fight Google to integrate social interaction into their apps

This new function is the search engine trying to offer a similar impact to one of Twitter during a sporting event, and at that timeand share more tweets and sports games or players become trendy subjects.

However, Google is not strange to the trolls and the arguments that are created around some issues in this type of social platforms, and it has taken into account its consumer base is much more so you should analyze millions of comments that will be published at the same time.

And to begin to face this problem, Google will separate comments from experts from comments from viewers, while it will make it easier for users to find relevant comments and have succeeded in getting more "like".

If Google achieves active and healthy participation, we do not doubt that we will be able to comment on any type of content within the search results within a short time.

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