Sunday , August 14 2022

"God chaos", asteroid, is approaching the Earth


NASA announced a warning and explained that if this asteroid hit the Earth, it will leave a six kilometer crater, which could collapse buildings and cause disasters.

The asteroid Apophis goes to Earth and the experts produced various theories about the consequences that could affect our planet. NASA has disclosed details of the composition of this terrible threat.

This large asteroid has some 340 meters in diameter and it will go to the unusual distance of about 30,000 kilometers from our planet. And the warning was produced because, according to the latest calculations, Apophis will once again adjoin the Earth in 2029.

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Although the distance calculated will pass the asteroid Apophis it should not cause you any problems on Earth, some significant changes in its orbit that are not anticipated to change everything and are a imminent risk in the future.

Orbit the alarming asteroid Apophis can change after the year 2029, which could vary in the future the degree of danger that it represents for the Earth planet, according to Sergei Naroyenkov, principal researcher of the Institute of Astronomy Academy of Russian Sciences, according to a hundred radios.

"In 2029, Apophis will travel 38,000 kilometers from Earth. The latest data available to us was in 2015. After 2029 we see how significant its orbit has changed after approaching the Earth. Then it will be possible to make predictions about the future of the asteroid, "said the expert Naroyenkov.

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Recall that a group of scientists from the St Petersburg State University came to an end In a report that the asteroid Apophis could collide with the Earth in 2068. According to them, this could happen if the asteroid continued with a 44 million kilometer path; The Earth is 2044, 0.76 million kilometers in 2051 and 5 million kilometers in 2060.

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