Friday , December 4 2020

Gaviria's political climate and Fuad Char waves

Vargas Lleras is expected to chat with Fuad Char and also with Gaviria.

The expectation is growing for the political appointments that will take place tomorrow, after this newspaper reveals the details of the Pacto del Giardino &, as it is known to & # The meeting last week between Liberal Party director César Gaviria and Radical Change leader in the Caribbean, Fuad Char, agreed to a coalition to face not only the regional elections but also to consider the possibility of supporting candidacy in the UK. Barranquilla mayor end, Alex Char, to the Casa de Nariño

Although Gaviria has not spoken, sources of liberalism told this newspaper that the former president of the Red Hosts and the leader of Cambio Radical, Germán Vargas Lleras, often spoke by telephone and in person, up to two or more. three times a day.

The meeting or conversation between Gaviria and Vargas Lleras has been relevant since tomorrow, there would be another meeting in Bogotá between Fuad Char and Vargas Lleras to discuss the issue of Radical Change approvals for carism candidates in the Caribbean, including the former. – Jaime Pumarejo minister to the Mayor of Barranquilla and ex-mayor and ex-mayor of Elsa Noguera to the Atlantic-approved liberal president – because if there are no agreements with the red and white community, signatures would present ambitious ambassadors or with support, for example, the red shadows.

Despite the silence that all political actors are currently keeping in this kitchen of alliances and strategies, several media channels mentioned Gaviria's expression revealed by this newspaper according to the sources present at the week's meeting. Last: "That can't be with us together in the presidential candidacy of 2022. (…) Petro won't defeat Petro. You need a nice, different person, who's wearing a cap, like Alex . "

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