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Luis Torres, CEO of SKBergé Colombia, distributor of the Italian brand, talks about the strategy used to locate in the country.

Two years ago, SKBergé said that he was not only taking the Fiat representation in Colombia, but he also assured that his design was to turn the Italian brand into one of the leading players of the automotive market in the country. At the time, the experts in the press and industry saw the idea of ​​the Spanish-Spanish group, who had painted as a kind of identification, with suspicion.

Today, however, brand representatives can say that they have achieved their goals, and far away. Luis Torres, CEO of Colombia's SKBergé said to him The Spectator how the strategy used, based on one car, friendly prices and a touch of fun, made Fiat the fastest growing brand in the country. He also talked about the news they were collecting for the Bogotá International Motor Show.

What data do you support this idea of ​​Fiat as the most growing brand?

If we go to the RUNT, today we see Fiat has more than 900% growth. From 158 registrations up to November 2017, we moved to 1,600 locations this year, which makes us leaders and direction in the place where we operate. We have worked hard for two years under a regeneration strategy, returning to that Italian time to return to conquering Colombian hearts.

Before that, the brand had gone through complex times …

Yes. It's a brand that is referred to by Colombians, even the youngest ones remember me most like Mirafiori and their parents, because in the 70's there was a assembly in the country. In the 1980's, when that surgery was completed and it began to reach a distribution company, the brand went through several stages. In the last ten years he had four different distributors, until we took over two years ago.

Since then they have been growing with a single car. How do they do it?

In the first six months, we contacted customers that have already received Fiat, to offer our support, because overnight we had 18 distribution centers and 24 service points to attend after sales, because we take advantage of our Jeep network combined and Chrysler, as well as Mopar guys. From a few and a half years ago I started to commercialize Uno Way, the crossover with the best tools of segment B, with a competitive price of $ 34,990,000.

Arriving at the moment, they go to the Hall every month with four statements, why?

We wanted to introduce to the public the brothers who came from the Road Uniting a little earlier so that they would start to identify them and create that uncertainty for those who intend to make the decision to buy a new car at the Motor Show. Here are the Argo, Cronos, iconic Fiat 500 and Fiat 500X "inflated" models.

Under what criteria did you choose that quartet?

Both cars have the greatest sense of locating the brand, the 500 and 500x, a pair of iconic cars, which is known globally, and I will say that I have been referring to anyone from Colombia . The other two are Argo, segment B made in Brazil, and Cronos, from the same segment, but sedan, from the Argentine origin. All the equipment is good, because today's connectivity and customer value added today. That is why they bring a touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, alloy wheels, security systems such as inverse cameras, mirrors and power windows and machines between 1.3 and 1.8 liters, with good use rates.

In terms of prices, they are as attractive as Uno Way?

That's really The Argo and Cronos benefit from the same agreement with Uno Way, the ACE 72 that allows them to enter to the country with zero zones. That reduction we have to transfer directly to the customer, which allows them to get very good cars at prices of $ 46,990,000 and $ 49 & # 39 ; 990,000, respectively.

So what are the attendees going to find in the Hall?

This year, the news, as well as the cars, is that we do not go completely. In the final FIT fair shared with other brands, we made the decision, dangerous, but that shows the strength that we are coming to Colombia, and Corferias has let us take & # 39; her offices. We are in the 5A pavilion, where there were never cars, only in 875 meters.

With that use, what expectations do you have here for a year?

At the Hall, we hope to cover the stock that we have available and consolidate this year's closure in the largest growing brand in Colombia. For the next year we have more challenges, such as double sales, given that we will close this year with more than 2,300 license plates. There will be some incredible, we will reveal it when it's convenient, but without doubt we have something.

Finally, and apart from Fiat, SKBergé represents a number of other brands, what do they bring with the fair?

If we're going to Jeep, we're bringing new features such as the Grand Cherokee Laredo, which we did two and a half years ago, the Automatic Compass, and Jeep Renegade 2019 new, and transformation where it's changing optics among other things. With Dodge we have the iconic Journey, two Durango: a new GT, with the fifth automatic gateway, corridor and Apple Carplay; and SRT, with 475 horses, which, undoubtedly, will be good news for High Performance lovers. Finally, Ram arrives with the V700 van and 1,000,000, 1,000,000 Ram, which returns after three years and 2,500.

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