Friday , September 17 2021

Farándula: The rare state of Esperanza Gómez so that her husband can be with other girls

Would you have the same requirement? Rare state Esperanza Gómez so that her husband can be with other girls.

The adult film actress revealed in a humorous interview.

It fell into hands 'Juanpis González', character created by comedian Alejandro Riaño.

In this conversation he talked about various topics, one of which belonged to his husband.

The famous Colombia said what kind of relationship they have.

"With my husband we have always managed an open relationship, in fact we are a couple swinger, and I never felt jealous if it was honest with me. In fact, sometimes I travel, obviously if we are three, four months apart, I know he has his needs, "he said.

He also revealed what the only condition he is putting on her husband so that she can be with another woman.

He added: "I'm calling and saying: 'Baby, I'm going to eat Pepita Perez: you're giving me permission?' , he has to describe the hairs and signs of everything that happened to me: we started this, I did it for him, he gave his leg here, I gave him kisses here … with every sign. n help us stimulate the relationship. "

The full interview can be found in the following video. And the second will be able to see it from minute 17:24:

State of Esperanza Gómez so that her husband with other girls


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