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Eventually, he deceived his death: a week to know his dying democracy in Huila [FOTOS+18]


Two men and women, claiming they were travelers, came to the end of a taxi driver named José Darío Núñez, after shooting in the head and bringing the night and property production. The events took place in the city of Neiva, Huila.

He took the news of José Darío's murder by surprise his relatives, who received the tragic call after three in the morning, when a voice on the other side of the phone launched that their love had been killed by unscrupulous subjects who tried to steal your property. The moments of sadness, crying and despair, took the relatives, could not understand or imagine what had happened.

The slaughter

It was almost 2:40 in the morning, when a strong blow was triggered the inhabitants of the Parks, who left their homes to see what happened. In a solo street in the sector, Plates VZD 325 taxis were rising. According to the witnesses, the taxi driver got back a meter by three people: two men and a woman, who asked him for a service to that sector where he was murdered, would be responsible.

When taking a single street, the offenders, who were similar to travelers, had aimed at José Darío, enforcing him to carry out the property, but by resisting and turning the wheel into Strongly, he stopped to stop back on the track. As if that were not enough, in conflicts for moving the driver, the attackers shot him in the head, killing his life immediately.

Indeed, one of the assailant fled, while the woman was injured and taken to a health center, and she arrested her other rest. The man who had been murdered had been driving the taxi for a week only, and had disappeared as a bus driver, but because of work issues he had started working on this vehicle that belonged to a third party.

About him, he was known to be living in the neighborhood of Villa Regina in the east of the city, a baby father, who is a coincidence now two months old, lives with a wife and passionate about football . On the other hand, the three people involved in this homicide, only two were identified, and a third, which would appear to be the one that operated the weapon, flee.

The woman, who was identified as Francy Enith Parra Manrique, aged 45, was slightly injured, taken to health center, and later was kept temporarily while her responsibility in the facts was related. The other subject, who was 26 years old Miguel Ángel Lara Malagón, was arrested when he tried to flee for what was left in the URI facilities, and according to official versions he was The one who pointed out the woman was in line with what happened.

So far, the authorities have not been able to find the location of the third party in question, but researchers are already behind the track. The detainee will be taken to question and, according to the evidence, a judge will define the judicial position for each of those who are involved .

Here's how a body is José Darío Núñez.

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