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Drinking fruit juice increases the risk of death, more than soda


According to researchers from the United States, excessive consumption of soft drinks increased the risk of premature death by 11%, while excessive consumption of fruit juice rose by up to 24%.

This new research was published in the American Medical Association (JAM) which studied 13 thousand 440 people, about their use of sugary drinks and 100% fruit juice.

For 6 years, the researchers followed the track to the people analyzed, where there were 1000 deaths from any cause, and 168 deaths from coronary heart disease.

Overall, participants had 8.4% of their calorie intake for sugary drinks, and 4% had fruit juice.

Although factors such as obesity and overweight were also considered, participants with the highest intake of these drinks had a risk of 11% of death from any cause, for every extra 12 ounces of full drinks t sugar they ate, and 24% higher for every extra 11 ounces of fruit juice used.

"These results suggest that increased consumption of sugary drinks, including fruit juice, is associated with higher mortality. The nutrient content of 100% fruit juice and sugary drinks is very similar," he said. experts.

Researchers from Emory University in Atlanta and Cronell University in New York also explained that 100% fruit juice (ie, pure fruit, not mixed with water) contained some vitamins and phytonutrients that do not have sugary drinks. such as soft drinks, mainly sugar and water.

Although the sugar in sugary drinks is added during the process, and the sugar in fruit juice occurs naturally, the specific sugar they provide to the body is the same t essentially, the biochemical response is the same when it is metallised.


In the first place, obesity is the main factor, but once it is considered, experts note that sugary drinks increase insulin resistance.

In addition, fructose changes blood fat levels, inflammation markers, and blood pressure, while excessive use of glucose is linked to insulin resistance and diabetes.

"This is a very important study, especially as fruit juice is often considered a" healthy choice than sugary drinks, although they often contain much more sugar (especially smoothies), "said Gunter Kuhnle. , associate professor of nutrition and health at Reading University.

He also said that, although fruit can provide vitamins and fiber, beyond that, the health benefit is not great.

"This is important, as fruit juices and smoothies are not commonly seen as sugary drinks. Secondly, I would suggest that the supposed health benefits of fruit juice are not enough to counteract their sugar content."

The expert added that fruit juices and smoothies are not considered to be sugary drinks, and the health benefits they bring are rare, comparing them with their sugar contribution.

"Fruit juice replaces real fruits, in particular, as they can be consumed much easier – in fact, a glass of 150 ml of orange juice is made of about two oranges, but there is a glass of orange juice. n take much more to eat two oranges than to drink the juice, "he added.

With this in mind, the experts emphasized the importance of this study, and explained that there was no risk if only a glass of 150 milliliters of fruit a day was taken.

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