Wednesday , April 14 2021

Does masturbation burn calories? – Daily La Tribuna

After a long and heavy day, after an intense work day or several hours studying in college, arriving at bed and enjoying alone on your own body, it can be a liberating and relaxing action, let yourself take and have fun. This moment can accelerate more than usual your heart and in fact make sweat. There is a myth that claims that masturbation burns calories, but how true is it?

To talk exactly about how many calories you burn during masturbation, but if it is necessary for you to know the exact number is not tricky, since there are not many studies that are deepening in the subject, but it is possible to see what is about how many They eliminate thanks to sex with penetration, on average, women burn 69 (Three calories per minute), while men 101, thus exposed an investigation published in PLOS One.

The sexual health specialist, Jessica Shepherd, explains, "If you think about masturbation, the burned calories will be much less than that," since in the body the movement is required throughout the body. In masturbation, it is likely only to rest, using the hand or a vibrator in its defect, instead of jumping between all the positions that proves with their partner.

Honestly, autoplacer is not that it is a high-performance sport, in fact, "To spend calories you need to raise your heart for an extended period of time. The climax will not put your heart on a level that we consider fat burner or something that counts like cardio exercise, "says the expert. But it continues, "That does not take away all the health that is for a woman."

The last assertion made by Shepherd reflects the positive thing that is to include masturbation to his routine, leaving aside or minimizing the importance of how many calories are eliminated. This sexual act releases endorphins, a hormone that acts as a natural relaxant and pain calming, stimulates the production of oxytocin, which helps you to sleep better, and increases blood circulation. (KienyKe)

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