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Dates confirmed and box office to see Circo del Sol in Medellín


Nearly 5 million people in the world have seen OVO, the show that the celebrity Circo del Sol will present in Medellín between 9 and 20 October this year at the Coliseum Ivan de Bedout.

You can read: Circo del Sol will bring his Ovo show to Medellín

According to Ocesa's publisher, the event's publisher, from the next Wednesday, 29 May and up to 5 June He will start selling tickets in advance for the Circo del Sol show in Medellin with a 30% discount.

This unique pre-sale for clients of Aval Waterfront banks: AV Villas, Banco Bogotá, Banco de Occidente and Banco will be popular and for the platform.

From 6 June, tickets will be available with all payment methods with a 20% discount until July 6.

There will be 11 days of show (they will rest on Monday, October 14) and will have double functions on Saturday 12, Sunday 13 and Sunday 20 October and triple Saturday 19.

The box office will have 6 price goes, not counting the discount and the content of the service charge, from $ 171,500 (high north tier and high tier south) to $ 743,000 (Gold Premium including memorial souvenir, drink and snack.)

The other locations are: t

Platinum – $ 457,000

Low tier to the right – $ 308,500

North tier is low $ 308,500

According to information from the certification group, this is the ticket price in the first week of the discount (including the service charge where it was not included).

Premium Gold – $ 548,000

Platinum – $ 337,000

Low Tier South – $ 227,000

High South Stand – $ 126,500

Low tier north – $ 227,500

High North Layer – t $ 126,500

Ovo, who currently travels Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, means "egg" in Portuguese, "is a rush race towards a colorful ecosystem full of life, where insects are working, eating, crawling, flutter, playing, They fight and try to love in a constant turmoil of energy and movement, "he said.

Cast Ovo It includes 50 artists from 14 nations specializes in various acrobatic operations.

Between annotations of the glasses, it is precise that all the silletería is numerada, that the minimum age of support of 2 years, that every boy pays a ticket and occupies a site and All under 14s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. "On the recommendation of the authorities, women are not allowed access in a visible condition of pregnancy," they note.

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