Tuesday , January 25 2022

Corona and Ecopetrol develop products to remove oils of water


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Collection peals & # 39; The product is innovation from an American country that can remove 95% of oils and fat of water.

Ecopetrol and Corona joined technologies to clean up water when terrorist attacks and oil drops are affected.

The Ecopetrol oil company and Corona's marketer announced that they had developed a new technology of the name Wearing Belts (Dal pearls) that extract 95% of oils, fats and solids that have been prevented from the production waters of the hydrocarbon industry, which allow them more efficient use with incredible benefits to & # 39 ; the environment.

Prior to the terrorist attacks that suffered from the oil infrastructure in the country, this is a good alternative to cleaning the water subdividers that have been contaminated with the oil leak caused by criminal penalty criminal actions.

Companies Explaining Holding Bees It is completely inert and it is developed from non-metallic natural minerals.

In a statement to the press, they said that "This 100% Colombian product would replace the traditional walnut shell beds which are imported with a minimum reduction of 20% in procurement costs, increased water cleaning efficiency and compliance with quality parameters for the disposal of hydrocarbon industry production ".

About 90 diamiteros attacks have suffered the pipeline Caño Limón Coveñas in 2018 by the ELN criminal group, which affects all populations that are damaged by river pollution that supply their watercourses and the lower royalties for social investment programs.

Explain the report Corona and Ecopetrol have successfully completed application tests in the fields of Acae oil production, in Orito, and La Cira, in Barrancabermeja. This last test, which started on July 24, was the longest and it was filtered Wearing Belts About 40,000 barrels a day of production waters.

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