Monday , July 4 2022

Coljuegos made a visit to Huila Lottery


The National Council Technical Secretary of Opportunity and Opportunities Games, CNSJA, visited Huila Lottery and the dealership visit in Huila, National Betting of Colombia, and checked transparency of the draw and legal game

CNJSA representatives were making the lottery 4369 Lottery Huila on Tuesday 30 October in the company of delegated authorities.

The aim of the visit by the Technical Secretariat of the CNJSA was to check compliance with Law 643 of 2001 of the Self-Renting and Real Estate Monopoly Rentístico Regulation.

William Sierra Agudelo, manager of the Technical Secretariat of the CNJSA, drew attention to the purpose of the visit and its results.

"The Objective of Coljuegos and the National Councils of Luck and Opportunities is to make organizational presence and watch lotteries and opportunity dealers, to see how they are promoting a permanent betting business, in this case there is a lottery game, what the processes are , the procedures they have, if the recommendations given to them are met, how they operate the expenses, "said Sierra Agudelo.

In the surveillance visit, consideration was given to the technological check of the traditional lottery operation or bank money through electronic channels, as well as complying with the technical reserves system for paying the rewards, checking the operation of the removal protocol. , and the lottery procedure manual and the concession contract operation of the game of opportunity.

The manager of the technical secretary highlighted the aspects taken into account in the surveillance visit at Huila Lottery Company.

"Our visit is an accompaniment, to look for the road in conjunction with the Lottery address, to look at the financial statements, compromise with the previous plans and we want to evaluate them, and with them at the same time some shortcomings or making some tips to improve some things, trying to strengthen Lottery, to be more robust and obviously the public considers it as a lottery with more confidence, "he said.

Huila Lottery manager Vladimir Caballero Medina stressed the importance of the Coljuegos Technical Secretary's visit to the CNJSA.

"These surveillance visits are important to Huila Lottery, so that the authorities check the legality and transparency of the lottery game before our public betting, and we also succeed in consolidating financially and administratively to continue to produce resources to the health sector, "he said. the official.

He reiterated the invitation to Huila residents and said "when we buy our products from Huila Lottery, we have the potential to be millionaires with this new award scheme. The company has guaranteed resources for paying the rewards and we do not forget we're contributing to the health of the Colombians ".

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