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"Chemistry," they write to Andy Rivera and Farina about sexual video


The urban genre in Colombia is becoming increasingly strong, for this occasion, the turn is for Andy Rivera to Farina with its new theme 'Taking Part', soft reggae to dance pegaditos.

After cutting the plans with its theme "Wepaje", Andy Rivera still surprised his followers, the song 'Involucrado & # 39'; is his second song from 2019 under the label Cinq Music, and is part of the next EP 50/50.

The video clip was produced by Visual 1 and directed by Julián Henao, along with Andy himself. The location is a place where we enjoy the sThis feature is an elegant babe.

This one explosive duet it tells the story of a man who has been attracted by the beauty of a woman, but who eventually realizes that everything that happened was nothing more than the product of his imagination.

"He wants to dance pegadito, the closer he gets richer", it is to be heard in Farina's choirs.

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Recently, the passionate singers had uploaded a clip to their Instagram account, where we can see them dancing to the rhythm of their song.

The followers have spoken and said: "The chemistry between the two is undeniable "," they make a good couple "," how good are they looking with each other "," will there be something more? " or musical collaboration between the two? ", So far, neither of the other has come to confirm nor deny anyone of these rumors.

They want their fans to enjoy the talents of both, for singing and for dancing, since the t Choreography is impossible.

Here's the video clip: t

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