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Bayern Munich 3 – 1 Over 96: Result, score and goals


Some corresponding statistics:

SUMMARY: Bayern Mnichich achieved one of the season's most important triumphs, three points bringing it close to the Bundesliga title. The game was the first time the whole team got total control by Niko Kovac who went on in the record with the goal of Rober Lewandoski; 13 minutes later Leon Goretzka scored the second match. In the second half, Hannover emphasized play offensive and agitating, reaching from the eleventh step of the goal through Jonathas de Jesus in the 51 minutes; Four minutes later he was expelled. Finally, Ribery Fanck would score the final goal of the game.

END OF THE MATTH! Bayern Munich won the victory with Robert Lewandowski, Leon Goretzka and Frank Ribery scoring. In the visitors ruled Jonathas.

92 & 39; He sent the clouds Robben. We thought we could celebrate because the action was close.

90 & 39; Dirty on the edge of the area for Bayern Munich. Between Ribery and Robben We are responsible for kicking.

89 & 39; It was a nice game and we were able to report four applications. With this result Bayern Munich It's close to the title.

87; To the Rafinha field instead of Alaba. Another one is praised by the Allianz Arena.

85 & 39; Approval falls from the stalls to Robben. The Dutch returns to the field after overcoming the injury.

84 & 39; It's coming to the field Arjen Robben. The French Commons will leave the court.

83 & 39; GOOOAAAL BAYERN MUNICH!! Frank Ribéry gives the third and the game at the Allianz Arena.

81 & 39; He's leaving Hannover's cave and he's in danger of getting his third. The visitor must play it.

79 & # 39; I Hannover Losing back the smallest difference is fundamental because they get as fast as Stuttgart that the promotion is currently playing.

77 & 39; Muller header to roof arch protected by Esser. We still seem to have emotion.

76 & 39; Bayern wants to increase the difference but his opponent stops well and doesn't give him a place.

75 & 39; GORETZKAAAAA! The midfielder tried again halfway but this time his shot went narrow.

73 & 39; Sttutgart It also loses this day, which shows that only until the penultimate date it will know whether Hannover is falling or playing the promotion.

72 & 39; Despite the partial victory, Niko Kovac we look angry with the performance of his team. This game would be beaten if it were not for a good moment the goalkeeper was visiting.

70 & 39; Ribery goes into the field and praises Gnabry's leaves.

69 & 39; It's coming to the field Ribery. The French are in the transfer area. Gnabry may retire.

68 & 39; Felipe leaves him injured in Hannover and leaves his place to the Austrian Wimmer.

67 & 39; GUESS WHO? Esser returns to win the duo for Alaba. The goalkeeper is the figure of the commitment because he has avoided the procedure.

65 & 39; The center returns but doesn't feel 100%. The technician Doll Please send to warm all your instructions again.

63 & 39; It seems that the Brazil will not be able to continue on the field. For the time being nine visitors played on the Allianz Arena court.

62 & 39; Has hurt very Felipe. The defender avoided a third of the Bafarites; but it lay on the field. The game is stopped.

61 & 39; What is a pwce Kimmich to the area. Each center becomes a distinctly clear choice for your team.

60 & 39; Bayern Munich despite the fact that discounted visitors continue to win the game comfortably.

59 & # 39; ALABAAAAA! He finished the middle side of distance and once again appeared in Michel Esser's party figure.

58 & # 39; Bayern loses the third. A large overflow of Gnabry threw the center, but nobody came to the penalty area to finish.

56 & 39; We will see how the Doll team completes the absence of the attack address. The absence of Brazil can cost him today to the category.

54 & 39; WRONG! Jonathas continued nine minutes on the field. He scored from the penalty spot and he was sent off by hitting Kimmich's face.

52 & # 39; It gave the visitors a new impetus. They will be looking for the tie that allows them to stay alive in the Bundesliga.

51 & 39; The author of the goal went to the yellow for taking the ball violently to Ulrich.

50 & 39; GOOOAAAL O HANNOVER! Jonathas punishes the discount for visitors who now dream of a raffle.

48 & 39; The party is arrested and is likely to be punished for Hannover.

47 & 39; The judge is holding a conversation with the VAR. The referee goes to the checkout area.

46 & 39; Play discussed in the Bayern Munich area. The players allegedly visited Boateng's supposed hand.


Bayern Munich This is the most distinguished team in the competition. Here, the number of what looks like a Bundesliga champion.

In this way, day 32 will be held in the Premier League. All eyes will be put on the game in Bremen.

With this scoreboard, the table of sites in the Bundesliga is rare, with two more days left to play.

Annotation 22 for Robert Lewandowski in the season. Disable the Polish in the area.

45 & 39; PALOOOOOOO! Goretzka had a third of the commitment on his feet but his shot was diverted on the horizontal.

43 & 39; This way the competitors are respected. The Bafarers; still attacking and trying to expand the difference.

42 & 39; The visitor fell and did not find the path of the arch defended by Ulrich. We do not know what uniformity you have in this commitment.

41 & 39; Play quietly Bayern and win at home comfortably. Forcing Dortmund to win in Bremmen.

40 & 39; Hannover saves the third part of Bayern Munich. Anton with the back beat the shot to the corner kick. It seems that we will have a lot of emotions in this game.

39 & 39; BAYERN MUNICH GOOOAAAL !! Leon Goretzka from the middle distance sings the second for the Kovac team. There was nothing for the Esser shooter to do.

36 & 39; ESSENTIAL APPEARANCE AGAIN! The duel is now beating Lewandowski who put in the middle of the distance after a corner kick rebound.

35 & 39; UUUUHHH !! What ends the keeper Esser has just disappeared. He had to stretch as much as he could to avoid Muller's goal.

33 & 39; With this marker Bayern Munich approaching a new Bundesliga title. Borussia Dortmund forced visitor status against Bremen.

32 & 39; It's being shot in the area Gnabry It's saved from the yellow card by simulating it. The attacker did not protest and saved him from the warning.

31 & 39; Kimmich Bayern Munich's outstanding player. All attacks are on his side and Germany has a glove on his foot to give the centers.

29 & 39; In the best moment of Hannover Bayern Munich's goal appeared. It was true that they had not reached the bow of Ulrich, but neither did they suffer.

27 & 39; Robert Lewandowski accumulates 22 goals in the season. Ineffective the Polish striker who continues to excel in the Bundesliga.

26 & 39; GOOOAAAL BY BAYERN MUN! Robert Lewandowski strikes the first goal after an excellent cross of Kimmich side.

24 & 39; KEEP! The almost screaming the first. The archer appeared again to leave his bow at zero.

22 & 39; The party has lost intensity. In the first few minutes the Doll set was kept in a few occasions and is no longer suffering.

20 & 39; Schwegler turn alarms onto the visiting team. The whole bench stops heating.

19 & 39; The storm has passed visitors right now. Those led by Thomas Doll take confidence in the court of Bayern Munich.

17 & 39; Arjen Robben we are waiting for his chance in the bench of substitutes. If nothing strange happens, this would be his last season with this squad.

16 & 39; Visitors no longer protect themselves so close to their keeper. Bayern Munich's attack front has lost power.

15 & 39; Muscular problems James Rodríguez absent from this game played in Allianz Arena.

14 & # 39; The visitors appeal to the anti-fraud to try to find the goal that saves the category. The defeat is condemned to the Bundesliga 2.

12 & 39; Bayern plays very well even though he doesn't have some players because of injury he's keeping the idea of ​​his coach Niko Kovac.

11 & 39; An entertaining game in the first minutes of the game. We remember that the last 12 collisions between the two teams had won the Munich Bayern.

10 & 39; How big was the shooter Esser, who avoided the shouting to Coman who was hitting the head in the small area.

8 & 39; ALABAAAA! I lost the side only to the goalkeeper who visited. It was easier to do than to lose it. Incredible ?

6 & 39; Bayern Munich is much better than a competitor. Soon the first Kovac team will reach my people.

5 & ​​39; Almost Polish Lewandowski shouting the first of the collation. Alaba's large center failed.

4 & 39; Borussia Dortmund will play with Bayern Munich marker. At 11:30 he will visit Werder Bremen.

3 & 39; Haraguchi scored the first of the game almost. The steering wheel had not hit the ball well with the head.

2 & 39; Bayern Munich must win today to continue in the Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund in the case of victory could move on.

1 & 39; The place has possession and also imposes the conditions on it. The visitors return down and defend for the time being.

James to Naples? The press is talking about rumors

A distribution in the Bundesliga loses three dates to play.

The note they make to James Rodríguez on the Bundesliga official website.

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