Friday , December 4 2020

Are you spying on WhatsApp? This way you can save your conversations in the web version

The WhatsApp instant messaging service, one of the most used in the world today, has found a comfortable extension in its web version. The problem there is that it is very simple, for some people, to spy on other users' conversations.

Anyone with your phone handy can use your WhatsApp on their own computer, without you noticing. For this reason, for a few days ago this service has started sending notices to its users so that they know where they are logged in with their account recently.

Unfortunately, this instrument cannot give that control over those sessions that were already open before it started operating.

However, there is a quick and easy solution to protect your privacy. If you use the application on your computer, click on the WhatsApp Web button; on your mobile phone list of devices where it is held opening a session with your number, as well as the date and time, the operating system and the browser used.

If you note a suspicious movement or it doesn't match your recent activity, you can close all the sessions immediately or just those that raise doubts. And in case you haven't logged in to any device yet, what will appear is a screen to scan the QR code with our phone.

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