Thursday , January 20 2022

Aissa Mandi, the best player of LaLiga who loves Love at Setin in Betis


The center receives praise from his coach and thanks to the style of Cantabri coach has become LaLiga's second best lover.

Aissa Mandi recognizes that the advent of Quique Setién to Real Betis has changed his life and career. The trainer sets him as an exemplary football and this Sunday he faces a tough challenge such as stopping Barcelona from Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi.

The Blaugranas are the precursors of the Cantabrian trainer's touch style. "Barcelona has been doing this for 25 years and we've been doing it for a year and a half, but of course, we have debates with the ball, we're trying to try, we will try to do our football and, to the extent that we can, Take the ball, "he said at the press conference before the game.

In order to achieve his goal of taking the ball, an important player must be a center and, although it is, defense is a key player with Bartra at the start of the dramas of Betis. He is the best second lawyer of LaLiga with 854 transfers, only Rakitic is handed over with 876 but Algeria has failed with 51 of them only and Rakitic has lost 80, Give a better success rate for Algeria. On his behalf, Bartra is sixth in the pencil distribution with 781. The security of the two plays is key to the foremost possession of Betis, who used this season more as a protective or offensive weapon, since in LaLiga dragging problems serious with just 8 goals in 11 games.

He is also able to join the assault with valency and a success as he did in the derby against Sevilla when a right center came to an end becoming the vicrtoria goal after Joaquín's heading net.

Setién has no reasons to praise Mandi. He describes as an example: "Aissa has earned a respect and hierarchy in the team, earned through everyday progress and improvement in training and games .This player has been extremely acceptable. Analyze Many situations can decide on the things that need to be improved and work for it and move on to an exceptional level. I can not say it and it can be said to be an example in many things and one always wants players like because he wants to improve, interpret very well what you are offering and bring things that you can escape. A football player who helps a lot in the field. "

The player also recognizes that he enjoys a coach who changed his career, since he had up to three coaches in his first year in Spain and had not completed a good first season in Betis: "My life has changed a lot , I have a little more joy when I started to train and play a game. "

After keeping and teaching in the dressing room, when the training and games over, he has already prepared a container with rice to restore his body of physical burdens, but on At the same time it is known that football is the most important of the least important. Last Thursday, his family did not come to Betis – Milan from the Europa League to have a newborn son. "This is the most important thing, I put my tickets to the user," he explained.

After all of his effort, Mandi is already winning a win at Betis and LaLiga and he wants to enjoy: "We have to enjoy this Betis, Not just me, everyone: the fans, the people, everyone, because of the truth is that we play well, we accept Many praise from outside Seville and Spain because people enjoy our game. "

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