Friday , December 4 2020

A massacre in Algeria, Cauca, leaves between 5 and 7 people murdered

Armed men entered a public institution and fired indiscriminately at the people chatting there, leaving a balance of between 5 and 7 people killed, along with other wounds transferred to the borough hospital, the media said.

The radio frequency explained that that information was unofficial and that at the time of publication of the report, at dawn on Sunday, no authority had ruled on the incident that occurred in southern Cauca.

However, the station added, the department’s government secretary, Luis Angulo, said although he does not know what happened, the authorities went to the area where the massacre occurred to check the complaints time.

The local journalist Rubén Zuñiga posted a video on his Twitter account where the evidence would be where the community assists some of the wounded.

For its part, activist Juan Camilo denied Caicedo that there was a social leader among the mortal victims.

The The Institute for Peace and Reconciliation also spoke about it, via its Twitter account, where he commented on a video that would match the denied events and which we share below (We recommend discretion because of the crudeness of the images):

The Cauca division, where various illegal armed groups such as criminal gangs, dissent from the Mark and Eln commit crimes, is experiencing a strong wave of violence that, so far in 2020, has left 11 massacres (not to add on Saturday 21 this November), according to the Institute for Development and Peace, Indepaz.

Less than a fortnight ago, also in Algeria, Cauca, a massacre was carried out that left 3 people dead, including a minor.

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