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Wu Yuli's lovely love for her daughter is strong and easy only. In the face of media questioning, she repeated: "Do not talk!" She asked her who sent her a blessing? He said: "Why not to bless?"

(Hong Kong, 27th) Wu Yuli and 19-year-old Jack Zhuolin, "Girl Girl Girl", on Saturday (24), and returned his net net net overseas to Hong Kong from Toronto, Zhuo Lin received the Ming Pao The airport "A unique visit to check if they have registered to get married? His answer is:" This is a surprise. "Zhuo Lin finally announced his" Syrpreis ". She and Andi held a wedding of One sex in Toronto on November 8, they married marriage certificates and clips on social platforms, and released their love again. Declaration: Lovely love for Wu Yuli's daughter is only strong and easy. In the face of media questioning, she repeated: "Do not talk!" She asked her who sent her a blessing? "He said:" Why not bless? "

Zhuo Lin, who turned 19 (anniversary of the 19th of November), and 31-year-old Andi announced the news about their wedding on the company's social platform yesterday morning. Pictured, Zhuo Lin kisses Andi and shows the wedding fee. Both are dressed in white and Andi sets a simple mouse, and they open a marriage certificate, which is shown to be married in Toronto on this 8th month. On the wedding certificate, the name Zhuo Lin Etta Zhou Lin Wu. Both said that the marriage certificate has a legal effect, also known as overcoming the fear, love will win!

Canada has a single-sex marriage
Zhuo Lin moved to tears

Zhuo Lin married a married couple on his personal IG. Check out the main ceremonies. Zhuo Lin and Andi wear plain white clothes. Andi was also wearing a shelf. Both men looked at each other and swapped wedding rings. In the meantime, they moved to tears. Hug. Andi said: "According to Hong Kong as Wife and Wife," she thanked Zhuo Lin to find her true self, she is no longer afraid, and she does not need to do everything she can to spend & # 39 ; the day. He also said that the wedding day is the happiest day of his life. Zhuo Lin responded to love at the same time. He explained the reason for returning to Hong Kong: "Because of love, we are back. Hong Kong is my home … The family and family are with the people you choose, and this is We never make us alone. It is impractical, stronger than blood. "It also shows that love will always win.

Wu Xiaoli: Everything goes with the flow

Wu Xiaoli went out to work yesterday morning. A photo was also loaded with the Chinese agent on Weibo. The message revealed the work experience: "Thank you for giving so many experiences, so that I can make the characters in the movie and television work more and more rich." At 3:30 pm, he went back to the Dakeng residential home. Although a large number of correspondents had been interviewed, Wu Yuli was relaxed and received by reporters, and she kept a smile along the trip. She asked if she knows if her daughter Zhuo Lin is married? Wu Xiaoli said with a smile: "Can you talk about work? (What do you think about your daughter's marriage?) I do not think that. I've seen her a few days ago (Will you & # 39; ll bless them?) Everyone wants everyone to be good, why not bless people? (What do you think about a single-sex marriage?) Many friends , there is no opinion. Nothing to accept, I feel that everything goes with the flow. "Will it be celebrated with" a few new people "? Wu Yuli said she was empty. But she asked if she knew she'd marry her daughter from before? Did her daughter return to Hong Kong due to financial difficulties? Is it for her daughter to return to Hong Kong for her marriage or for other things? A series of questions Wu Xiaoli did not answer, she laughed and said: "I do not like talking about it!"

"Girl is always my best friend"

It was asked if there is any fear of being separated after a wedding? He said: "I do not talk about it. (A girl will stay in Hong Kong to develop, or return to Canada?) My daughter is big, I think everyone has Everyone's work. I hope to concentrate on my work and give me more time to do what I want. It's not a bad thing to do things. "Did you ask was the relationship between both mothers and girls improving? Wu Yuli refers to her friend, her daughter is always her best friend. What's your impression of Andi? She avoids talking. Do you want them to move back and live with each other? Wu Yuli said: "I feel that everything goes with the flow. I will open a painting exhibition later. I'll have a picture book in mid December. I will start the drama tomorrow (27th). In the morning and I'll have 12 hours. I hope more. People are looking for me to work. "She also hopes everyone will give the best to ask, because & # 39 ; n they have to talk about it. She asked her to talk about this with Jackie Chan? Wu Xiaoli said he would not talk about it, and then said: "I have not said anything, just talk about work, and then just Wu Yuli and I'll see." After that, he returned to his home.

Guo Xiuyun Wang Zhuolin cares for himself and his family

A good friend Wu Xiuli, Guo Xiuyun, was asked for the marriage of Zhuo Lin. He said the event had not been able to do with it. Self-desire was a stupid person, but she could not help but talk about Wu Xiaoli. She is also a mother, and said that the most wrong thing is that she is too fond of a child. Some children take a long time to mature. She knows that Zhuo Lin has said she has not experienced real love since she was born. There's really a pain to Wu Lili. Her efforts on her daughter are all in vain. Guo Xiuyun should greatly thank Zhuo Lin to grow up spiritual and become a person who contributes to society. At least he must look after himself and his family. Normal people should pay rent and earn daily living expenses instead of taking love. If the objects that it finds can grow old, they will be happy to them. (Hong Kong Ming Pao)

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