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Zhou Xingchi, "King of New Comedy", celebrates the first year of the year – Xianning Net


Original title: Zhou Xingchi, "The King of Comedy New", Nos Galan

On the 26th of November, a supportive map was turned on Weibo and Bar Post. Pictured, Zhou Xingchi, who had not seen it for a long time, laughed at the bow. The above seven characters: "New work Zhou Xingchi!" Previously, Zhou Xingchi had a new movie. The news came out, and some people took pictures of the scene, but they did not get any official confirmation. It is precisely because this picture has caused a number of curiosity, and countless netizens have guessed that this is a movie: "There's" Mermaid 2 "or" D Scheme " legendary? "

Until yesterday, the truth was officially revealed – the official microblog of the film "The King of New Comedy" officially announced the pilot: the film has arranged for the New Year's Day 2019. Thirty years Back, "King of Comedy", which affected flawed people, appeared in a new attitude 20 years later, and will bring a new round of laughter and move to the audience in the Spring Festival next year.

Yesterday, the microblog of the "The King of Comedy New" film released a hand-painted guide poster: a poster on the back of the hand is a "just for myself" post, surrounded by white pigeon and & # 39; r foliage, "Zhou Xingchi works" The five characters are very persistent. That folding stool is not a general prop, the one "strongest weapon" in the film Stephen Chow. As early as 1996, the "God Food" has been certified: "The mystery of the folding stool is that it can be hidden in the house, on your fingers, you can still sit and hide, here & # 39; the first of the seven weapons! "

In recent years, Stephen Chow has shot a number of gaps for special effects, and many people have lost their purely uncommon early comedy elements and a mask of small comedy. For those who are familiar with the Stephen Chow movie, this folding stool reproduces rivers and lakes "and the words" king of comedy "re-emerges, which means returning Stephen Chow's elements, and so many servants see the posters. The first time I can not help but mention: the familiar star singer breathed!" " Stephen Chow finally goes back! "

Has it closed in the "King Comedy New" released on New Year's Day 2019, and how it's different to the "King of Comedy" that influenced 20 yearless people according to? The point is the word "new". In order to let the audience exhaust new scams of this movie in 20 years, Stephen Chow began writing the script three years ago, and was also looking for the right actor until everything was ready, and then began to open this heart. New movie As all details have been clearly considered, it will be possible to complete it successfully before December.

"King of Comedy New", launched 20 years later, is a new self-challenge or cognizance? More answers will be removed later. J203

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