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Zhang Bo wears a colorful jacket to take a picture. Eyes are set – Net North – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-27 16:45:04 Source: North Network

Zhang Bo recently came into a group of the latest newsletters for a magazine. This collector has portrayed Zhang Bo as three different types of styles: "hard guys, literary art, gentlemen". Wearing a colorful modern jacket, top and slim hair and strong eyes, stand still or proudly, Zhang Bo's unique hormones turn over the screen. In the slightest eyes, in the bright eyes, it seems that Zhang Bo expresses the incredible story of another with the lens. The black shirt base, the beige bracelet with tied, the inventive combination of Japanese black legs, gives Zhang Bo's sense to the world of unique literature and art. Chinese style style and Japanese style warmth, Zhang Bo's style was once again alive. In addition, the dark coffee color party suit, a pair of Martin khaki shoes, the silk cafe fan on the shoulders, the female husband, is the best. In the last set of shots, Zhang Bo changed a clean and tidy white shirt, with sugar pants, elegant white dress on the chest, the image of the hard man in the past was drawn up, the business elite stands in front of people . The alliance's presentation shows Zhang Bo, a new and eclectic style. Just like the classic characters that are created in several plays, actor Zhang Bo always brings different feelings.

It is said that the "Da Pudong", "Mystery" and "Genius Butler" television series with Zhang Bo will be launched one after another, and I look forward to the new role of Zhang Boxin!

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