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Yunnan Observatory discovered a special intensive double star system – one, for, all out there – Daily Science and Technology

2018-12-13 01:16:38 Source: Daily Science and Technology

Science and Technology Daily, Kunming, December 12 (The Zhao Hanbin Reporter) The Chinese Academy of Sciences's Double Star and Star Research Group recently made the result of important research in the field of deep star double stars. They work on a separate double star double star Retriever DE. After long-term monitoring and analysis, evidence is given that there is an ordinary double-disk disk and a large plane similar to a rotating timber to its surroundings. The Astrophysics Journal published an international journalist academic journal the latest online results.

The Retriever Option is a close binary system that includes a white dwarf star and a late main type sequel star. Its orbital plane is parallel to the line of sight, causing both sub-stars to hide each other and cover. This type of white dwarf and the main star sequence have proven a step of evolution of public cladding. So, it's very important and interesting to find out and study the exoplanets that revolve around. Solving scientific problems deepen the evolution of planetary formulation and common cladding. New understanding.

Since March 2009, Han Zhongtao and others from the Yunnan Double Star and Star Star Research Group have used a number of small and medium-sized telescopes to their home and abroad to monitor the Retriever DE continuously, and in conjunction with data released by the American Miscellaneous Star Miscellaneous Society, found that its orbit was fast. Cancel, while also finding that the period displays a periodic oscillation with a amplitude of 28 seconds. The quick-drawn orbit shows that a common double disk disc is extracting the angular momentum of the system. The mass of the disk is about ten tens of thousands to a few thousands of sun; Periodic oscillation of small edges shows the distance in the pound There is a huge wood-like planet in about 6 astronomical units. Detailed calculations show that massive planet mass is 0.01 solar mass and move along a close circular orbit. These findings show that the Retriever DE is a special intense binary system with a large double-piece disk and a large wooden-like disk. In addition, they also proposed that the large planet could belong to the second generation of planetary objects, the same source as the common double star disk, formed during the period of evolution of public cladding .

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